Bigg Boss 9, Day 99: Prince caught between Yuvika and Nora
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  • January 19, 2016
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‘Pyaar humen kis mod pe le aayaa…ki dil kare haay…haay…koii toh bataaye kyaa hogaa…’. I can’t get this song out of my head today and especially after what I saw today. As if it wasn’t enough that Yuvika paid a visit and bought back some memories for both Rishabh and Prince, that Bigg Boss decided to send in Nora too. Ha! Ha! What a spectacular sight it was. In between their dancing Nora made her entry into the house. As soon as she entered, Nora pretended to dodge Prince for a while and asked him not to talk to her. When all the excitement mellowed down a little, the two were seen sitting in the garden area and talking. I bet Nora must have been really insecure to see Yuvika in the house knowing that she is the first person that Prince gave her heart to. Nora, who looked very much upset with Prince’s behavior towards Yuvika asked him to clarify what exactly, was going on between the two. Ouchies..! I bet Prince didn’t see that coming. After all when you love someone, how can you not have faith on them? Prince replied to Nora’s question by saying that his feelings for Yuvika cannot come back and that he had her now in his life. Awww… Prince even got a tad bit jealous when he saw Nora talking with Rishabh and when she gave him a friendly peck on his cheeks. So far, in the weeks that I have been watching Bigg Boss, I have come to the conclusion that Rishabh never messes up with his friends. And like a good friend, he told Nora not to break Prince’s heart. Just when Prince was tired of giving clarifications, Gizele too made an entry in the house and told Prince straight to his face that she felt Yuvika was Prince’s true love. Woah! Pyaar kaun and dost kaun, that is a tough one to judge. Stay tuned to find what other ‘hulchul’ took place in the house.

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