Bigg Boss 9, Day 98: Who is the real ‘Diva’ of the BB house?
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  • January 18, 2016
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For the past few months, I have seen people come and go from the Bigg Boss house. There hasn’t been one moment on the show, that hasn’t kept me on my toes. I have become so attached to each and every contestant that it feels like that I have known them forever. Each Bigg Boss inmate has a very distinctive character of their own which makes them lovable or admirable. Now that the finale is around the corner, these distinctive characteristics are coming out in the open. So, today, as I was sipping on my cup of tea, I saw the inmates discuss the very same thing. It all started when Prince asked Mandana to use a tissue to clean while she was cooking. Listening to this, Rishabh sprang into action and called Prince a diva and then later went onto to say that it was actually Mandana who was a diva. Not long after this comment was passed, Mandana and Prince both got down to proving who the real ‘diva’ in the house was. You don’t have to get worried! They didn’t get into a fight but were seen teasing each other in a joking manner. Ab agar yeh baat hui, toh how can the other housemates refrain from commenting. The very cute Rochelle was seen making fun of Mandy. She acted like how Mandana often does… like a damsel in distress! She was seen making fun of Mandana and how she often cribbed when she had to chop onions or peel garlic. After such a long time, I saw such a healthy conversation in the house. It made me wonder whether they too have realized that all this masti is going to be over in just one week. I, so wish that this season could go on forever… Stay tuned to this grand finale week and don’t forget to vote for your favorite housemate. Watch tonight’s show to keep yourself updated.

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