Bigg Boss 9, Day 98: Rochelle flirts with the ‘Prince’ of hearts!
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  • January 18, 2016
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Prince’s affection towards the ladies isn’t a hidden fact. First, we saw Prince fall head over heels over Yuvika and then Nora. In the final week of the show, Prince is now all alone in the house. So, to make things a little interesting, Bigg Boss sent in Sunny Leone to add a little spice into the house. The first thing that Ms. Leone did after making her way into the Bigg Boss house was to hijack Rochelle. Before you guys go around making assumptions of your own, let me tell you that this ‘hijack’ wasn’t the literal types. Sunny just asked Rochelle to follow her instructions, and the first order that she gave out to her was to flirt with the ‘ladies man’ Prince. Now, we all remember that Prince and Rochelle were tied together at the beginning of the show. Rochelle had chosen Prince when none of the housemate wanted to be paired with him. To put her plans into action, Rochelle caught hold of Prince in the sky lounge. Now, one would assume that Rochelle would have caught hold of Mr. Narula while he was alone. But to my surprise and now to yours, she decided to flirt with him in the presence of Keith and Rishabh. LOL! Rochelle is too cute a person and if you saw the way she tried her flirtatious ways on Prince, you would just not be able to hold onto your stomach. While, Rochelle was trying her best to woo him with her charm, Prince was seen getting all flushed with embarrassment. Now, the two have known each other for a very long time and with Keith in the house, I don’t think that Prince would ever dare to try his manly charms on her. Or would he have, if Keith wasn’t a part of the house? Hmmm….That my friends we can only let our imagination decide! Today’s episode will be definitely worth a watch and if you want to see how the ‘man’ with the moves reacts when someone he considers just to be his friend flirts, don’t forget to catch the front row seat at 10:30PM tonight.

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