Bigg Boss 9, Day 98: Prince regrets giving up the ‘rickshaw’ task
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  • January 18, 2016
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I have often wondered from where the entire concept of the ‘cool group’ began and today that idea was finally put to rest. Today, while Keith, Mandana and Prince were sitting in the garden area and chatting, Prince finally broke his silence about the ‘rickshaw’ task. For those of you, who do not remember what happened, then let me remind you that it was the same task in which Mandana kicked Kishwer because of which Kishwer quit the task followed by Suyyash and Prince. I remember the look on their faces and the way they had asked Bigg Boss to ask Mandana to apologize for her unruly behavior. At the end, neither there was an apology nor was the task completed. Prince looking back at his journey in the house said that he felt bad that he quit the task and confessed to the fact that because of their one mistake back then, they were all labeled as a group. Prince further went onto say how he didn’t remember what all happened back then as everything happened so quickly. He further clarified his stand by saying that just because one gets along better with some then the others, that didn’t mean that they were all part of a group. Mandana, who as usual doesn’t like to keep things to herself was quick to retort. She told Prince by the looks of the way they behaved, the story seemed entirely different and that he had a chance to act normal while he wasn’t playing the game. Oops..! Mandana surely burst Prince’s bubble. The difference of opinion amongst the housemates is what makes the house so special. This is the every reason behind why this season is packed with double the trouble. So, do stay tuned to the finale week and vote for your favorite. Till then, ciao!

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