Bigg Boss 9, Day 95: Imam ki Adalat!
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  • January 15, 2016
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Right now, Imam can be considered the head of the game as he has the power to choose the first finalist. But it won’t be that easy for the contestants. For this too, Bigg Boss has assigned the housemates a task- ‘Imam ki Adalat.’   

In this task all the housemates will get accused of something by Imam and the other contestants and they have to defend themselves of every accusation made. Whoever Imam thinks has the strongest case will win the task.

In this, Imam made some serious accusations against the housemates. He told Rishabh that he had contradicted himself throughout the show. He accused Priya of using social issues just for the sake of building her game. He told Prince that he had used his friends to get ahead in the game. He also grilled Mandana along the way.

So the big question here is- Who will make the strongest case in front of Imam? Find out on the next episode.    

Bigg Boss Khabri.

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