Bigg Boss 9, Day 93: Mandana and Rishabh get into bitter exchange of words!
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Mandana getting into arguments is nothing new to the house. Today, the one to face Mandy’s angst was Rishabh. It all started when Mandana was seen complaining to Prince about Rishabh’s behavior when Rishabh walked in and started to taunt and pass snide remarks at her. Soon after, Mandana was seen losing her cool and abusing Rishabh while he walked away  tauntingly saying to her that she could hurl as many insults at him as she liked in front of the camera. Mandy who had by then gotten really worked up was seen questioning Rishabh as to whether he was taught how to respect women in his family or not to which Prince came to his defense and told Mandana to back off and not get family involved. Despite of all the accusations and finger pointing, Rishabh looked unperturbed by Mandana’s words and actions and playfully taunted Mandana  back which made her get even more worked up and she left her cooking mid way. Hmmm…By the looks of the argument, it definitely seemed like that Rishabh got to Mandana instead of her.

Later, Mandana was seen sitting in the garden area and talking to Keith, Imam and Priya about Rishabh’s attitude and his crazy behavior during the tasks. Imam, who we know has been sent in to create more differences between the inmates, added more fuel to the fire by saying that he knew Rishabh could stoop down to any level to win the game. I bet after Imam spoke these words, Mandana must have felt that there was someone else in the house who felt her angst. After all, she has been trying to get into Imam’s good books from the very first day.

By the looks of what all went on in the house, I bet this argument is not going to die down too soon. To all my fellow Bigg Boss lovers out there, don’t forget to tune into tonight’s episode to find out what else happened.

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