Bigg Boss 9, Day 92: Imam’s entry has already made the housemates nervous
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  • January 12, 2016
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Imam’s entry will definitely leave lots of inmates unhappy as he is not the kinds to give in that easily. You would definitely know what I am talking about if you have watched season six of Bigg Boss. The moment he entered the house, he was seen complaining to the housemates about their hygiene standards and even went onto say that the housemates treated the house like it’s their own property. By the looks of the housemates’ expressions, I don’t think they looked too happy with the way he was acting out around them. We know how much effort they put in week after week cleaning the house and in just one day all their hard work was being trashed by a complete stranger. Later on, Imam was seen asking the housemates what they felt the reason for him coming into the house. While Priya said it was to create excitement, Rochelle replied that she was fearful of him because of his ‘out of the box thinking’, they were all his targets. Imam even warned the housemates to behave around him and said that he would be nice to people who are nice to him and really bad to people who are bad to him. Hmmm….We know how Imam can get and hope that the inmates have understood that too after his fair first warning. If you want to know what his first warning was then let me give you a peek into it. When Mandana tried interrupting Imam, he asked her to keep quiet and told everyone not to speak or interrupt in between while he was talking. Oops…! 

Imam’s stay is definitely going to create one hell of a storm. So, stay tuned to watch all the hungama that Imam brings to the house. 

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