Bigg Boss 9, Day 91: Salman asks housemates why they saved Mandana from voting
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  • January 11, 2016
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Without Salman Khan, weekends aren’t as much fun and that’s what he proved once again when he forced the contestants to blurt out the truth behind them not voting Mandana this week. We all are very well aware of the fact that Mandana isn’t one of the popular inmates in the Bigg Boss house and it’s absolutely strange or at least curious as to why all of the housemates chose not to vote against her. The moment that Salman put this question across to the housemates, pat came Priya’s reply.  Priya is always ready to put up a fight and that’s what was pretty evident from the way she answered the question. Priya went on to say that the only reason for everyone not voting for Mandana was that she had acted really nice all week, and now that the game was nearing its end, she had decided to act all goody two shoes. Woah…! By the tone of her voice, Priya sounded pretty sarcastic and miffed by all that was going inside the house. She even went onto say that she took Mandana’s place because she said what she felt and that five votes were wasted on her while just two would have been enough to put her into the nomination pool. Hmmm…I wonder what’s the actual reason behind all the angst against Priya? And has Mandana really changed just for the game? If yes, then it looks like that’s definitely working in her favor. 

To catch all what’s happening inside the house, don’t forget to tune into tonight’s episode. 

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