Bigg Boss 9, Day 89: Mandana and Priya’s fight leaves the house divided!
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With just few weeks left for the grand finale, Bigg Boss 9 contestants are getting really stressed out. Not only that, the contestants are also getting into silly fights with each other now. Finally, the madness to reach the grand finale has reached an all time high between the housemates.

After Priya got into a fight with Prince during the ticket to the finale task, the highly short-tempered lady got into an ugly argument with Mandana next. The two started fighting with each other over their cooking styles. Yes ! Can you believe that the two had a fight over such a minute little thing?

Priya and Mandana got into a war of words while they were cooking breakfast for the housemates. It all started when Priya threw one paratha dough which she found her hair on while cooking which left Mandana really annoyed. Post this incident, she asked Priya not to touch her portion of the food which led to an argument.

Later, this very argument left the housemates divided into two teams with one or the other supporting either Priya or Mandana. Priya also claimed that Mandana hid the wheat dough that got Rishabh involved in this fight.

Well, with just few days left to, it seems that the housemates are trying to stay in the limelight by fighting over silly things. To find out where the fight led to, stay tuned to the upcoming episode

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