Bigg Boss 9, Day 87: Kishwer and Prince gang up against Priya!
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  • January 6, 2016
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The cool group hates Priya. That is a fact. So evidently during the task to they wanted to get back at Priya. Therefore, Prince and Kishwer decided to show Priya a bad time. 

Priya was trying to disturb Prince and take sand out from his container continuously. When she was out of the task she again tried to attack Prince’s container. Both Prince and Kishwer started to block her way and annoy her. Prince even picked her up and put her in another place. 

Prince openly admitted that he and Kishwer were in a group and they would continuously annoy Priya. And Kishwer told Priya that even she wasn’t playing the game on her own as she wasn’t attacking Rishabh. So tantrums were thrown and things were between Priya and the group. Just like always.

Watch more on the next episode. 

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