Bigg Boss 9, Day 85: Mandana’s personal life becomes a talking point in the house!
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Recently, Mandana got a chance to talk to her boyfriend on a mobile phone. She was happy and got emotional while talking to him. But when she was on the phone some of the other housemates were listening to the conversation.

On day 85, Mandana was pissed about the fact that Priya had made a comment on her personal life that her boyfriend wasn’t proud of the things she did in the house. Mandana was really not cool with the discussion and blurted out saying,  who the hell was Priya to comment on her personal life. To which Priya said that even Mandana had asked about her husband in the truth or dare game. Priya also said that she wasn’t the one who overheard Mandana’s phone call and instead it was Rochelle who told her about this and she was involved in the discussion only. Rochelle said that she did overhear the call as it was on speaker and Rishabh was with her. 

But she only told it to Priya as a joke. Priya accused Rochelle of double standards and said that she was two-faced who was changing sides instantly. This led to a three-sided feud between Priya, Mandana and Rochelle. 

What happened next is something that I will not spoil and you’ll get to watch yourselves. You know the place. And you know the time. 

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