Bigg Boss 9, Day 85: Keith takes a bold stand for himself but Rochelle feels left out!
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After her feud with Priya, Mandana came up to the dinner table where Keith and Rochelle were sitting and told them not to discuss her or anyone’s personal life as it was not ethical. 

Keith outright told her that he wasn’t involved in any kind of discussion. Priya asked his opinion on the topic and he just agreed and left. He said that in no possible way he discussed it with anyone. To this Mandana said that even giving opinion wasn’t right. Keith lost his cool and told her that he stood for his opinion and if someone asks him for his opinion on anything, he will give it. Mandana then brought in Rochelle and told him that she discussed her personal life with Priya.

Keith said that if she had a problem with Rochelle then she should discuss it with her and not bring him in the middle of it. Obviously Rochelle did not like Keith’s reply and was mad at him. The couple later had a fight in the bedroom area where Rochelle told Keith that in spite of him being in the house she felt left out. He always took a stand for Kishwer or Prince but when it came to her, he rarely does that and stormed out of there.

This couple is going through their toughest time in the Bigg Boss house. Will this gravely affect their relationship? 

Find out on the next episode.

Bigg Boss Khabri.

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