Bigg Boss 9, Day 83: Nora called Rishabh a zero!
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  • January 2, 2016
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Recently we have noticed that Rishabh has been playing a strong game in the house. He is doing things which are beneficial for him. Taking a stand for himself rather than others is exactly what he is doing.

A sight of this was also seen on Day 83 when Rishabh, Nora and some of the others housemates were chatting in the garden area. Deliberately or not, Nora made a comment about Rishabh’s career not being that successful and hinting that he was ‘zero’. No one likes to take shit from others about their profession and the same goes with Rishabh. So Rishabh told Nora that wherever he might be in the industry, he will always be ahead of her and made some pretty serious comments about her work too. This wasn’t taken well by Nora and they both were involved in one of the longest fight. They fought almost in every area of the house. 

How did this fight end? Or did it even? Find out on the next episode.

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