Bigg Boss 9, Day 82: Rochelle faces the truth of the Cool Group!
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  • January 1, 2016
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If Rochelle decides to stretch a topic like chewing gum and sulk about it, to usse bhagwan bhi nahi rok sakta!

After the altercation with Prince this morning, Rochelle went crying and sat on her bed. But her complaints about the Cool group not returning her favour kept lingering. She caught hold of Nora and asked, why didnt she and Prince support her in this task. Nora tried to explain that prince could not support her because he too was in the task as a part of the task while when she supported Prince, she was not a part of the task and she was the supporter. But, Rochelle did not budge from her argument and kept saying that the favour needed to be returned. Oh Rochelle! Tum itni bholi kyun ho? Like Priya said, “Kya tumko sach much laga ke Kishwer tumko support karegi over Prince!'” Looks like Rochelle is still living in her bubble. After sometime, she got on with the same argument with Kishwer, but finally Kishwer told Rochelle in as many words that Prince was above Rochelle for her. 

SILENCE! Yes, there was a silence. But, will this make Rochelle understand the game? What will be her next move?

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