Bigg Boss 9, Day 82: Prince and Rochelle are drifting away!
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  • January 1, 2016
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I love Cool group, but it is so obvious that the group is not going to remain like this forever. Three weeks are left and it is the game that matters over friends. Par koi ye baat Rochelle ko samjhao! 

After yesterday's rona dhona, Rochelle announced that she was not a part of the Cool group anymore! And today when the nomination trophy game began, Rochelle started telling everyone to nominate Prince as he was nominated only twice. This really irked rest of the Cool group members. According to them, Rochelle was doing that only in vengeance. So, Prince, while sitting around the kitchen counter casually mentioned that if somebody wished to nominated him, should go ahead but with a valid reason and not because he was not nominated more than twice in the season and that he needed to taste the status of being nominated more than once. This started another argument and Kishwer started off saying that she did it because after yesterday's task dynamics had changed. Priya incited the whole situation by adding that she could see this from a distance. OMG! It's so funny how everyone in this house starts taking advantage of the situation where two people are arguing! Really guys?! But, Rochelle told everyone that even if it was a task and Kishwer was closer to Prince and she supported him, she still felt bad and betrayed. Prince told her that the way she was telling everone to nominate him, he felt betrayed too. 
Anyway, Rochelle has become a cry baby it seems. Keith got really upset with her and told her that her behaviour was showing a very weak side of her and she should continue fighting instead of crying like that.
Is resorting to tears and behaving like a baby Rochelle's strategy? Will the cool group acknowledge her desire to be the captain of the house? Game has certainly taken a new turn it seems! 

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