Bigg Boss 9, Day 78:Is Priya the most annoying housemate to others?
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I will give you three instances where I though Priya wen an extra mile to annoy housemates and you will decide what your opinion is.

She Provoked: The fight started because Priya, who was sitting next to Mandana intruded into her conversation with Prince. Her intrusion irked Mandana so much that the latter pulled her hairband. Not defending Mandan's action, yet Priya's bitter 'chugli' surely was the reason which resulted into such a huge fight in the house.

She Nagged:After Mandan's violent reaction. Priya kept following Mandana everywhere from kitchen sink to the washroom. She hurriedly got into the washroom, while Mandana was just about to go inside. When Mandana reacted by switching off the lights of the washroom, she got the entire house down by pronouncing her act as derogatory.  

She Lectured:As per Rishabh's saza, he had to be Nora's umbrellaman whenever she stepped out in sun. Today, when Nora stepped out, Rishabh was just about to pull the umbrella up, when Priya unwarrentedly directed him to do his task. Rishabh told her politely that he was about to do that, when Priya started off being adamant and said she would remind everyone. Nora, who was part of the task told Priya that the task was going just fine and Priya had no business to interfere. Priya however kept repeating what she did was right. 

What do you think? Is she or is she not annoying? Do you think it could be Priya's strategy to be with everyone, yet not be in any group? Is Mandana her Target? I am so confused now! Why don't you guys tell me where you think is this game going in the comments section below?

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