Bigg Boss 9, Day 78: Masterstroke! Couples fight over Mandana; house gets divided!
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This could only be the work of a genius! How Mandana still remains to be an enigma in the house. You can love her, you can hate her, but you can't ignore her. Yes, that is just so true. 

Today, Suyyash told housemates over a discussion that he wanted to return Mandana's bag because he didnt think it would bring any change to Mandana's behaviour. He had not see any change in one day. Kishwer did not like the idea and said that she agreed it wouldn't for sure change her behaviour but keeping one of her bags as a punishment was a way to give her the same pain that she inflicts on others. Suyyash did not agree to that. 

Prince joined the conversation and supported Suyyash's decision when Kishwer once again showed her disagreement, but this time Nora came forward and said that Prince was influencing Captain's decision. What?! Nora did not hesitate a bit in voicing her opinion. Prince did not like that for sure.

Next incident that substantiates my headline is when Keith was intently listening to Mandana's point of view and Rochelle alleged him for encouraging Mandana. OMG! Keith, who is rather reticent lost it and screamed at Rochelle for using her brain. The man got support from othet two- Suyyash and Prince and argued as a team against the girls. 

Looks like the house is divided into Girls VS Boys, where Mandana is the hot topic! Sometimes I feel these housemates are knowingly falling into this trap.

But, while all the argument was going on inside the house, Rishabh decoded Mandana's masterstroke. He revealed that Mandana was successful in pulling Prince on her side and she had planned this long back. She had disclosed this to Priya, who leaked her secret strategy. Can't beleive everyone is still fighting. The real game has just begun! 

Bigg Boss Khabri! 

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