Bigg Boss 9, Day 77: Gizele and Nora’s convesration breaks into a huge fight
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There isn’t one day that goes by without the housemates fighting over petty little things. It’s like a daily routine that one can’t do without and over the last few months, I have become so habituated watching the inmates fight, that if they miss out on one day, it feels like no movement has haapened in the house. Most of the times, it’s the gals who have taken the charge of saying spiteful things to one another with boys merely acting as spectators or pushing their team members all the way to the end game. Today, it was the turn of the two wild card entrants Gizele and Nora. These two hot headed girls started off on a very different note and ended on an all together diffrenet note. Nora was seen talking with Gizele about their fight over her calling Gizele a side kick of Rishabh. Gizele sprang back at her by telling Nora that she was no one to call her Rishabh’s side kick considering she is the one who followed everyone else’s footsteps in the house. In no time their conversation turned into an ugly fight when Gizele said that she never got Nora and Prince’s relationship into the picture, then why was Nora talking about her friendship with Rishabh in such a manner. To this comment, Nora got really upset and turned aggressive saying that she always passed some comments about her like  calling her ‘nakli’and that she was no one to talk about their realtionship as they weren’t in any. The exchange of words got really ugly and both the girls were seen screaming and shouting at each others’ faces.

As usual, the gals went down the ugly route once again. Will the boys come to their defense or merely witness the game? To find out what happens next, don’t forget to catch tonight’s episode.

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