Bigg Boss 9, Day 75: If you like it then you should put a ring on it!
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That is a Beyonce song, yes! But it holds much more relevance here than you think. Now it is often said that new relationships usually have a strong bond because of a lot of excitement in it.

Prince and Nora are currently in that phase but things became clearer after Prince put a ring on her finger. Now we all know that putting a ring on someone’s finger means a lot, doesn’t it? And along with that he also presented her with a bouquet. Prince made it as romantic and charming as possible to impress Nora. And well to be honest she seemed really impressed by it. Looks like we have another couple in the house. But, I also remember Prince giving out a disclaimer that he wouldnt want to call it Love as yet, but he definately has feelings for Nora. Aww! while Nora was all pink and blushing, she later sat Prince down and said, he was taking things a little fast. Oops! Did she just burst Prince's bubble? Or was she genuinely wanting to fell the love grow fonder in her heart? we don't know yet! 

This new romance will definitely bring some changes in the house. But the question is who will it affect the most?

And the biggest of all questions is- Is Prince serious about Nora? Don’t miss the next episode.


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