Bigg Boss 9, Day 74: Gizele and Rishabh angry over night time banter
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‘Itti si hansi itti si khushi itna sa tukda chand ka…’ These words literally meant a million bucks for someone in the house today. Even when these words were significant for someone in the house for others it just meant nuisance. Well! If you are thinking what I am talking about then let me give you a little peek into the house today.

We are all aware of the ‘cool group’ and Prince’s chemistry with Nora? If you don’t then you must rewind, update and come at pace with what’s going on around in the house. Last night’s chitter-chatter and loud laughs did not go too well with the people on the 'other' side. By people, I mean Rishabh, Priya and Gizele. Rishabh and Gizele were seen talking about how they couldn’t sleep at night due to all the disturbance caused by the other housemates. She even went onto say if that person (she meant Nora obviously) wanted to be all romantic with her Prince (LOL! Literally) then they should have either gotten themselves a room or simply gone into the bathroom. Listening to all this, Suyyash sprang into action and told Gizele that if Nora’s laughter was such a problem for them, then she should have asked Rishabh to stop singing too. And Gizele, as we all very well know doesn’t like to gulp down things too easily and she gave it back to Suyyash by saying that she did and Rishabh replied to her by saying that this was the only way to get them to keep quiet. Ouch…! Gizele and Priya were also seen telling the ‘cool' group that instead of Nora apologizing for last night, she is simply taking it as a joke. Amidst the entire argument, Prince remained mum whereas Nora just giggled and laughed. I can absolutely understand where all that anger must be sprouting from. After all, the housemates only get a stipulated number of hours to sleep, and throughout the day, they aren’t even allowed to blink an eye even once.  

Later, Gizele and Rishabh were seen talking about the entire episode and agreed upon how Nora should have simply admitted it was simply her fault. They also spoke about how and what each of the other housemates were like. While Nora was called ‘fake’, Suyyash was called a follower and Mandana-‘mahaan’ besides other things.

With just few weeks left to the finale, tension is growing day by day in the house. To find out what all happened post the argument, don’t forget to catch tonight’s episode at 10:30PM.

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