Bigg Boss 9, Day 72: The fight for the prize money gets intense in the house
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Winning back the prize money ain’t gonna be a cake walk and that was pretty evident from the word go. Are you wondering what I am talking about? Well!  There wasn’t just one task to earn back the prize money but three and each one of these tasks amounted for a different sum of the prize. The housemates were paired in groups of two, so in total there were four jodidaars. And with four jodis and three tasks, only three jodis could come out as winners. But the twist in the game didn’t just end here. Bigg Boss’ khurafati dimag was up and running again and the next twist thrown into the game was zara hatkar and damdaar. So, once the jodis won the task, they had to decide after consultation with each other which one would go to fight for the title of captaincy and which one would walk into the nomination pool. Ha..Ha… I bet that must have thrown quite a few people in the house in a tizzy because it certainly threw me off my chair. 

In the akhara task, we saw the girls give quite a fight to the wrestler and they stayed on the pit fighting the wrestler for about 20 minutes. The next task involved the housemates to test their muscle power by lifting a 25 kg weight. Priya and Nora were seen getting into a huge fight after Priya told Nora that she wasn’t doing the task properly and that she didn’t have any more tries to get it right.  The fight between the two got so intense that they were seen practically stepping on each other’s shoes. For one moment, I thought they would pounce on each other and have a grizzly fight. 

Maaza toh ab shuru hua hain! Finally there is so much aggression seen in the house concerning tasks and all the housemates have started to take the tasks seriously. To find out which of the jodidaars won and the amount of prize money they were able to win back, don’t forget to catch tonight’s episode at 10:30PM. 

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