Bigg Boss 9, Day 69: Salman asks housemates why they are paying so much attention to Mandana
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  • December 19, 2015
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Everyone in the house seems to be miffed with Mandy and why not, her overtly blunt nature and 'I don't care' attitude has started to get to everyone. Rochelle who was on good terms with Mandy for the longest time also has drifted away, with Mandana left with not one soul to comfort her. Gizele who entered the house just a few weeks back despite saying some real mean things about her to the other housemates was seen getting really friendly with her. And just yesterday, we saw the two getting into a tiff after Mandana said that she wasn't happy with Gizele talking to the other housemates. Everyone seems to be having a problem with Mandana and especially Priya who Mandana didn't take too well to helping her out in the kitchen. If I was Priya, I would have simply ignored her and walked off. Ek toh help karo aur phir suno bhi! Nahi! Nahi! Why give importance to someone who doesn't deserve it. The same thing Salman was seen telling the housemates. He asked the housemates why they were making Mandana so popular unnecessarily. I am glad that there is someone else that felt that way. Priya who seems to have an answer for everything had an answer for this too.

To find out what she said to Salman, don't forget to catch tonight's episode at 9PM.

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