Bigg Boss 9, Day 66: Triple Murder!
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  • December 16, 2015
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It seems the killer is on a good streak! After the murders of Gizele and Mandana, he has committed another felony in the house. A third murder has happened in the Bigg Boss house and the victim is a close friend of the killer. Well, that’s cold blooded.

This time around, the victim is Prince’s sister – Kishwer. This came as a surprise to everyone, but Kishwer was still delusional that the killer is Nora. As she went out of the bathroom she told Suyyash that the killer is Nora. She was in the bathroom with Suyyash when she suspected that she might be the killer.

After Bigg Boss announced that Kishwer had been murdered, it was almost like the detectives had given up on it. Prince is playing very well as the suspicion on him decreased. And after this scene, doubts could be on Nora. That’s like a professional killer, isn't it?

How did Prince manage to kill Kishwer? Find out during the next episode!

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