Bigg Boss 9, Day 64: Why did Rochelle fail during the Trust excercise?
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The Bigg Boss 9 house had promised of Double Trouble and it seems that every contestant's worst nightmare is being fulfilled as the trouble increases on a daily basis as the relationship between everybody change. We have also seen the love between the cutest couple of the house, Keith and Rochelle, go through a rough weather.

You are upset to know that, right? So am I and hence, let me tell you what happened. The two love birds of our house, Rochelle and Keith, don’t seem to be happy with each other anymore and the housemates had to perform a “free-fall” task where they had to trust their partner and take a fall. But, Rochelle was unable to do it when she had to do it with her boyfriend, Keith. After this, Keith started to tease her and that naturally made her upset. He realised that she was angry and he tried to make it up to her, but Rochelle was in no mood to forgive. 

She even complained that Keith never shared his problems with her and instead, he chose to speak to Prince , Priya or Suyyash about it. Things between the couple flared up after this and Keith lost his cool, which is a very rare sight. He told Rochelle not to tell him about how he should think and she should let him play the game on his own terms.

Will this fight make them grow apart grom each other? Or will we see the love bloom again? Stay tuned to find out during today’s episode.

Bigg Boss Khabri!

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