Bigg Boss 9, Day 62: The Nation wants to know!
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  • December 12, 2015
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After Salman’s grilling and interrogation session, it was the time to put forward the questions of the ‘Janta Janardan’. The questions were asked to two members of the house and they were Priya and Keith.

The question for Priya was: “Kya Priya ek strict captain thi?” Well, you all must be nodding in your heads right now and so did all the housemates. They all experienced her behaviour on a day-to-day basis, so obviously they would know better. But Salman also said that she was a good captain and she maintained the discipline pretty well.

The question for Keith was: “Gizele ke dyslexic bolne par react kyun nahi kiya?” We all know how calm Keith is. He is probably the most silent and composed person on the show right now and so the audience wanted to know why he didn’t react to such an extreme comment. Salman also told him that having a good conduct, doesn’t mean he has to keep quiet on such comments.

So what did Keith have to say to that? And did Priya agree that she was strict?

Find out tonight. 

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