Bigg Boss 9, Day 61: Suyyash instigates Mandana against Gizele
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  • December 11, 2015
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Now that Mandy is no longer in great terms with Rochelle, she has found another well-wisher in the house. Mandy was seen chatting up with this new ‘buddy’ of hers in the garden area  and by the looks of their conversation, it felt that they two might end up becoming the new  besties in the house. If you are wondering who that ‘new’ person in Mandana’s life is, then let me let you in on it. The person in question here is none other than Suyyash. Isn’t that strange? Ya! That was my first reaction too.  Abhi  isko kya hogaya? Suyyash looked overtly concerned about Mandana dear, and was seen telling her about how Gizele was spreading rumors about her. He even told her how she was going around telling the housemates things like she is a divorcee and that she likes to date only those guys who have money. Post the conversation Mandana was seen confronting Gizele and telling her to stop talking about her past. The way Suyyash portrayed Gizele, I thought they two would have a massive argument but nothing of that sorts happened. I am sure as disappointed as  I was with the turn of events, Suyyash must have been too. Bigg Boss house main koi kisi ka saga nahi hain and I am sure Suyyash ka bhi koi bada motive tha behind all of this. 

To find out what else is brewing inside the house, don’t forget to catch tonight’s episode. 

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