Bigg Boss 9, Day 54: Kawaljit gave stiff competition to Rochelle!
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  • December 4, 2015
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Finally! Here it is! The last step in the ‘5 Dosh’ task is here and it was a nightmare for all the lazy bums inside the Bigg Boss house. The 5th dosh, undoubtedly, is 'aalas' or procrastination (lazy, in simple words).

And in this round too, Rochelle and Kawaljit had a face off. The task was very filthy this time around. The pool area was contaminated with all kinds of filth possible and the water was gravely contaminated making it stink and the very look will absolutely gross you out. Both the contestants had to take rounds around the boundary of the pool. The catch here is that they both will be inside the pool while doing this task, and whoever takes the maximum rounds wins it.

What do you think folks? Who will do it better? And who will be the lazy one? Find out next time!

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