Bigg Boss 9, Day 52: Priya wrecks other’s belongings!
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As if Bigg Boss hadn’t tested the patience of the housemates during the potli task, he even gave out the nominations power to Priya for this week. And even that wasn’t all. Bigg Boss also played another little task with the housemates. 

Bigg Boss next task was full of patience, revenge and full of high voltage drama.  Bigg Boss introduced 5 dosh task i.e. Lust , Anger , Greed, Ego and Laziness. The task was divided into these 5 parts where the housemates have to follow it one by one. The first level of the task started with 'Ego' and the housemates were divided into two teams.

Kishwer , Suyyash , Kawaljit  and Rishabh  are in one team while Mandana , Prince , Rochelle  and Keith  in other team. Priya  was the moderator of the task .

Since Priya was the moderator she made a point destroy the belongings of the other housemates’ and they would have to stay quiet and not utter a word. 

That’s a wrong thing to say to Priya as she started the task as soon as she heard this. She literally tore Mandana’s dress and destroyed her expensive earing and then put red paint on Rochelle’s saree. And if that wasn’t enough she even broke Kawaljit’s specs.

It almost seemed that if Bigg Boss hadn’t told her to do so, she would have done it herself. The housemates stood quiet while all this happened. But just imagine it’s after effects! Many of them don't like Priya and after this, I wonder if even one of them will. So how will the disturbed housemates react to this? Stay tuned to know more! 

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