Bigg Boss 9, Day 50: Rochelle takes on Priya!
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  • November 30, 2015
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During the potli task, the contestants were supposed to hold the rope attached to the potli and not let it go for 24 hours. The rope was long enough to hold wrap around your arms also and the contestants were taking advantage of that. So Bigg Boss sent in the jallad to cut the rope shorter and make it difficult for them to hold on to it.

When the Jallad started to cut Rochelle’s rope, she complained to Bigg Boss that her rope was cut more in comparison to others. She argued that even though she and Rimi were of the same height, her rope was cut more in comparison to Rimi's.

Priya came in and advocated Bigg Boss’ decision. She told Rochelle to obey whatever decision Bigg Boss gave and not to complain. Rochelle couldn’t take it anymore and told Priya that she was an incompetent captain as she couldn't arrange for painkillers even though Rochelle had asked for them long back as she wasn’t feeling well. Making such a comment on Priya was a bold move.

Will this disrupt the remaining peace of the house? How will Priya react to this? Will there be a fight in between such a difficult task? Watch the next episode to know.

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