Bigg Boss 9, Day 4:Guess who just subscribed to be in Suyyash’s hate list?
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Its not a hidden fact that Suyyash and Kishwer are a couple and have been going steady for 5 years. They may have entered the show together but partner to alagh alagh hai boss! While the two seem calm and composed the week makes them feel distant from each other already. Wait, is it just the week or the tag along buddy that seems to be like a postcard from ‘ not giving us some space’ land?

Suyyash is pretty disappointed about ‘no quality time with bae’ at the Bigg Boss House.  Aman seems to be suiting up as the troublemaker between the two. The man has already earned a nickname of ‘Jhandu Singh’ from Suyyash. The rules of the ‘stay-tied’ to your partner is a stern one. Poor Kishwer is left with little or no choice and has to keep following  Aman like a mobile network. 

Suyyash seems to be getting impatient and is wanting to have a straight-forward talk about it with Aman. He is wee-bit jealous of Keith and Rochelle getting to spend time together unlike him and Kishwer.  And if this wasn’t enough her quietness on Aman picking Suyyash and Rimi as the worst performers in the luxury budget task took the man down real bad.

They say Love isn’t for the faint hearted. Thorns in the garden of love already? Though Suyyash may have not completed the ‘prick of a needle’ task but I know he is still hurt. Pal Pal Pal Pal Har Pal Har Pal Kaise Katega Pal Har Pal Har Pal…I bet this is the only song looping on Suyyash’s imaginary playlist. Shall cross-check with Bigg Boss!

Bigg Boss Khabri!

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