Bigg Boss 9, Day 47: Rishabh gets way too ugly with Rochelle!
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  • November 27, 2015
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After the second phase of the captainship task started, it seemed like the dull atmosphere took a 180 degree turn. All of a sudden things were being thrown here and there and the contestants in the car faced all their worst nightmares.

During this ‘getting ugly’ phase, it seemed like some contestants took it way too literally. Food and waste was being thrown on to the contestants, but Rishabh almost took it to the next level. He cut Rochelle’s seat belt and tried to tie her up. Later, he even tried to pull her leg and make it touch the ground so she gets eliminated.

I could clearly see that Rochelle was getting hurt by that and she was trying her best to hold on. When Mandana saw this, she told Rishabh to stop it.

Do you think Rochelle stepped out of the car? Or did she endure it all and stay till the end? By now you must have known that I never answer the questions and I ask you the question in the end and I am going to keep up with that. You know what to do!

Bigg Boss Khabri.

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