Bigg Boss 9, Day 47: Captaincy Task Level 2!
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  • November 27, 2015
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So, six people got in th to car to compete for the captaincy of the house and it was definitely congested as hell in there. It obviously had to narrow down to a fewer number at some point and so it did. With only three members left in the car, the task officially entered phase 2.

Prince, Rochelle and Priya were the ones who were in the car and it was getting really boring in there, so Bigg Boss decided to throw a few curveballs their way. An announcement was made by Bigg Boss that the contestants who were outside the car could use certain means to try and bring out the contestants they wanted to. This meant WAR!

The other contestants just came on to the three of them with waste, garbage, food and what not. During this it seemed like there was a snap between Kishwer and Priya. While Kishwer was trying to get her out, things got ugly. Both of these contestants are a bit (ahem..) shot tempered. What will happen next?

Some more high voltage drama? Or a cat fight? Catch the next episode to know.

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