Bigg Boss 9, Day 45:What ‘Dha’ hell?
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  • November 25, 2015
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Before the second day of Bigg Boss Dairy task started, Prince thought to have some fun with the opposite team. It is what he does everytime. So he took away Priya’s milk container just to tease her.

When Priya found out about this, she did not back out because Priya and ‘backing out’ cannot be used in one sentence. 

In return she stole the other team’s packaging machine. This made both the teams mad as the task was about to start. So acting as an adult, Suyyash asked Prince to return the container and Prince obeyed.

Later when Prince asked Priya to return their packaging machine, Priya declined to return it. She said Prince returned the container because he has an equation with Suyyash but she doesn’t. Prince and Rochelle also accused the other team of whining while playing their game and told them to return the machine.

After all this drama, Priya went in to drink coffee and Suyyash told her that she shouldn’t go in till the task starts as the other team might try to steal her container again. At this point, she called him ‘Dha..’ which refers to duffer or dhakkan and it made Suyyash really angry and he told her not to play these name calling tricks on him. Arguments! Arguments everywhere!

I just hope this dairy doesn’t become an ‘akhaada’. Stay tuned for more updates!

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