Bigg Boss 9, Day 44: Priya irked with Rishabh’s game plan!
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I am sure you very well remember Priya Malik’s entry into the Bigg Boss house last night! If you don’t then let me remind you. She was the same person who also spear headed the nominations this week. And you should have seen the look on the housemates’ faces when they found out that she was the one that they had been listening to inside the confession room while the nomination were going on.

Priya who came into the house declaring she would set everyone inside the house right, very soon learnt during the task this week that, that is not going to be as easy as she thought it out to be. The housemates who have been in there for over four weeks are quite acclimatized to each other and know what moves to make and when. The first reality check that Priya got was from Rishabh who was seen licking Priya’s hand during the luxury budget task this week. Ewww…to that fame hungry man. 

The luxury budget task basically involved the house to be divided into two teams. Each team had to try getting as much milk possible from a dummy cow and package it into plastic packets. Whosoever, managed to get the maximum number of packaged milk packets won the task.

The twist in the game came when Rishabh tried to stop Priya from taking the milk out of the cow and instead of taking the straight road, he decided licking her hands was the best possible option. Priya  who didn’t take it too well  accused Rishabh of making sexual advances. Ohoh! Now that is not going to be an easy one to shrug off. Priya lashed out at Rishabh and created a whole fuss about it and if you want to know what all happened post this accusation, don’t forget to watch tonight’s episode. Will Rishabh apologise or will Priya slap him back? Stay tuned for more!

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