Bigg Boss 9, Day 44: Kawaljit goes wild!
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  • November 24, 2015
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The luxury budget task was packed with a lot of drama and action this week. The luxury budget task that Bigg Boss introduced was quite interesting and required the housemates to run a diary in which they had to extract milk from a dummy cow and package it into small packets.

The housemates were divided into two groups-one led by Prince and the other Rimi. Being the captain of the house, Kishwer was made the sanchalak of the task and was given the responsibility of overlooking the task. The dummy cow was placed in the garden and attached to it were two pipes. Each team was given the task of extracting 25 litres of milk from the cow, and make 50 packets out of it. But as we all know that no task is complete without its own share of controversies and with wild cards making a foray into the house this week, temperatures were bound to rise. Kawaljit who we thought would be the sweet ‘guruji’ types turned out to be a total vamp. When Mandana who was in the opposition team came to stop him from taking the milk out of the cow, he got angry and pushed her back pretty hard. Now, from what I remember I saw the two bonding pretty well on the first day. All of a sudden just a drastic change of heart. Mandy, who is known to be sensitive with issues such as these burst out crying and accused Kawaljit of physically hurting her. There goes another friendship down the drain pipe! Well, this is just the starting and there is a lot that we can expect from tonight’s episode. So, stay tuned!

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