Bigg Boss 9 ,Day 42: Get ready to face the the fire to date Deepika!
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  • November 22, 2015
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After playing the role of Bigg Boss for a day, Deepika finally entered the Bigg Boss house to meet and greet the contestants as well as to promote her upcoming film ‘Tamasha’. The boys in the house looked really happy and were seen trying their best to flatter Deepika with their moves.

So, Bigg Boss decided why not give the boys an actual chance to date Deepika. Unfortunately, out of the four guys, only one guy got the golden opportunity to date this beautiful lass. In order to win the date,  Bigg Boss organized a competition which was divided into 2 stages and the men had to compete amongst themselves to win. In the first round, each of them had to convince Deepika to date them by stating reasons as to why they were good for her and the others weren't. If Deepika found their proposal boring, she had to simply press the buzzer to end the conversation.

After the first round got over, one of them would get eliminated and the other three went on to ‘face the fire’. This was a real manly task as the men had to break the tiles with just their bare hands. But you must be all well aware by now that nothing is as easy as it looks in the Bigg Boss house. So, to take the task a notch higher, the tiles were set on fire. Whoever broke the maximum number of tiles at one go, won the task.

Now, I bet 'who' finally won the task must be circling on your mind? Well! I will let it circlea little longer or atleast till the episode is out. So, don't forget to catch tonight's episode at 9 PM sharp. 

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