Bigg Boss 9, Day 42: Ek haath lo, ek haath do!
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  • November 22, 2015
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With great power comes great responsibility. But remember everything comes with a price tag.

When Deepika was made the Bigg Boss for one day, she was given some special powers in order to help the housemates since they received zero points during the luxury budget task. In exchange of the luxury budget, Deepika threw in an exchange deal in which she asked Rimi to give up all her make up. And that wasn't just it! Rimi was asked not to borrow makeup even from her fellow housemates. Ouchies… With someone who is so obsessed with looking good at all times, this deal must have come as a shocker. I felt Rimi absolutely deserved it considering her non-involvement as a sanchalak in the 'shararti bachche' task twas the reason behind all of the mess in the first place.

This offer came in as a ray of hope for the housemates who were desperate to get the luxury budget in order to shop for essentials. But as we all know, Rimi is a tad bit too attached to her makeup and just like me, the inmates too had second thoughts about whether Rimi would do it or not. 

To find out whether Rimi sacrificed her makeup for the betterment of the house or would there be more drama following the announcement, don't forget to watch tonight's episode at 9PM.

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