Bigg Boss 9, Day 4: Woof Master!
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  • October 15, 2015
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The luxury budget challenge has finally come to a screeching halt and the housemates are looking forward to having their access to the much awaited luxury. While they all went ahead and faced the challenge of Phobias , I cannot stop the itch to know how well did things pan out for our ‘Boss ne banadi jodis’. 

While most of the contestants did the task, Suyyash and Rimi didn’t perform  two consecutive challenges and hence got marked on the negative scales. The other contestants who went ahead with the tasks had a few glitches which led to deduction in time from the total 14 minutes for the luxury budget challenge.

‘House of Rules’ will also be seeing the contestants get marked on their overall conduct and disobeying of rules. The contestants will probably have to go hand to mouth with a total deduction of 10 minutes. However the only challenge facing them isn’t the mere 4 minutes to perform the task but also the manner in which it has to be carried out.

Dog is a man’s best friend, I read somewhere and looks like Bigg Boss is going all out to drill this into the minds of the contestants.  A particular pair will have to role play the owner and the dog. The contestant playing the dog will be blindfolded and guided by their partner to fetch the items. A whole new crazy twist to Dog and the Bone. This shall be a through delight for thy eyes!

The housemates have to select a pair to perform the task and cannot pick Suyyash and Rimi since they were announced as the worst performers  for the luxury budget challenge and nor can they choose Vikas and Yuvika who are already in for the captaincy challenge. The scale is going to tip towards which pair ? And how many bones to win without a break? Can you hear the woof already? Waiting with a waging tail, Bigg Boss!

Bigg Boss Khabri!

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