Bigg Boss 9 , Day 35: Bech sakte ho toh bech de!
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Marketing is an important skill that only a few possess and in order to test who all among the housemates had this particular trait, Bigg Boss decided to give everyone in the house a task called the 'tele shopping network'. Well! As easy as the task sounds, it was a really tough one to pull off. Each one of the housemate was required to sell a product that they were given and it wasn't just any ordinary product but a real-life person that they had to sell. No! No! we aren't talking about human trafficking. Before you get any other ideas in your head, let me give you a little more idea about the task. 
Four teams were made with two people in each team. One member was asked to pose as a seller, while the other as the product to be sold. The competition was held against each other in which each selling member of the team tried convincing Salman to buy their product. Rimi and Rochelle were the only two who were seen not participating in the task. 
If you are wondering who all met their sales target and who all were left out, don't forget to watch tonight's episode at 9 PM

Stay tuned to Bigg Boss to know more.
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