Bigg Boss 9, Day 33: Looks like Mandana just can’t take it anymore!
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  • November 13, 2015
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We all know that the contestants in the Bigg Boss house don't have the luxury of housekeepers or maids that they may enjoy in the real world. Over here they have to finish all the chores by themselves. And the captain makes sure that all the work is done as he delegates it to them.

Rishab, being the captain, allocated some or the other work to all the housemates. He assigned the duty of cleaning the utensils to Rimi, cooking to Prince and Suyash, cleaning the kitchen to Digangna and Kishwer, cleaning the living room and garden to Aman and Puneet and cleaning the bathroom to Mandana and Rochelle.

Things looked fine till now, but today Rishab also asked Mandana to clean up the bedroom. Now you all know that Mandana isn't one of those people who just takes orders. She argues with Rishab that he isn't allocating the work fairly and bathroom cleaning isn't a task for girls. The argument will really heat up later on.

Will this challenge Rishab's captaincy? 

To know more don't miss the next episode!

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