Bigg Boss 9, Day 32: It’s Diwali Time!
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It’s Diwali time and everybody is in the celebration zone as they give and receive gifts from their loved ones. However, the housemates are not really able to receive that affection from their beloved family members while they are in the house because well, the rules are such.

But Bigg Boss, being generous as he always is, introduced a loophole this year to make the housemates happy. Maybe, not all of them. Bigg Boss asked Rishab to mention 3 names apart from him who were missing their families the most. In that process he mentioned Digangana, Mandana and Puneet. Later on, the three of them were sent to the double trouble room for deciding the fate of the house. Now I think you might have an idea what this means. The game of choices is back. 

The three of them had to go through the following choices:

Ek Button- Poore ghar ko family gifts

Do Button- Sirf teesre ko family gift

Teen Button- Sirf aap dwara chune hue- baaki gharwaalon mein se teen- ko family gifts nahi milenge

No Button- Sirf aap teeno ko family gifts”

Now the real suspense must be bugging your minds. Who pressed the button? And who didn’t?  Will all the housemates be lucky enough to get gifts from their family? Keep watching Bigg Boss 9 to know more.

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