Bigg Boss 9, Day 31: What goes around comes around!
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  • November 11, 2015
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It’s not just a Justin Timberlake song, it is a fact too. What you do is what you get. You must be wondering why I’m talking about this here but the lines connect, my friends. 

The tables are about to be turned in the Highway task as Team A will now ride the cycle rickshaw in a bid to cover 4 cities, while Team B will try to put as many obstacles as they can. But this has got Mandana worried. Mandana was seen talking to Digangna about how things might turn out for them. She was worried that the other team would use dirty tricks and would cross their limits. Seems like they don’t want a taste of what they did. They were seen talking about Prince who was scary during the other tasks. Things might get ugly from here on. All bets are off from here on!

Will team A get a taste of what they have given to team B? Or is it gonna be much worse for them? To get the answers for all your questions stay tuned to Bigg Boss.

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