Bigg Boss 9, Day 31: The front man of Team B, Prince, makes a statement.
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  • November 11, 2015
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Yesterday, the Highway task had really taken the best out of Team B. But when it came to Team A’s turn, they went down straight away. It took only 5 minutes for team B to bring team A down from the rickshaw.

After Prince threw mashed potato on Rochelle, Team A got involved in an unethical act where Manadana kicked Kishwer because of which team A backed out. Later, Prince along with other Team B members were seen teasing the other team about how they couldn’t last for even 5 minutes. Prince mentioned how his team survived for 14 hours and if they had gotten 14 hours more he would have done much more worse things.

Well, I have to say this kind of attitude isn’t going to bring peace in the house, instead it will only make matters worse between the contestants.

So get ready to witness a lot of drama. Don’t miss the next episode tonight!

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