Bigg Boss 9, Day 30: Bol Kabbadi, Kabbadi, Kabbadi!
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  • November 10, 2015
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After two exciting sub-tasks, destination 3 for the housemates during the Highway task was the city of enthusiasts, Jalandar. After fishing in Kochi and eating Dhokla in Surat, it was time for the contestants to get in to a real ground.

The city of Jalandhar held a game of Kabbadi as a task for the housemates. I think after the dhokla task Bigg Boss wanted to give them something more challenging.

But again, Bigg Boss' Kabbadi had slightly different rules from the original one. Here only one member had to participate from the rickshaw riding team and two participated from the opposite team. The former had to cross the red line which was behind his opponents or touch one of them and cross the white line which was on his side. 

The main rules would be applied in the end for the winner and loser of the sub-task.

So who won the game of Kabbadi? To know more, stay tuned.

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