Bigg Boss 9, Day 30: Bharat Bhraman on HIGHWAY!
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It is work mode on for the housemates as the luxury budget task starts. The latest task, Highway, pits two teams, A and B, against each other. The funny part of this task is that even though the name of the task is Highway, what contestants get is a cycle rickshaw! 

You must be going ROGL right now, but trust me this is for real. In this task, one team sat on the rikshaw and one member of that particular team rode the rickshaw. There was simple, the team had to achieve 4 milestones i.e. covering 

4 cities. But if any member of that team got down from that rickshaw, he/she would be out of the task.

Meanwhile the other team was busy as a beaver, trying to get maximum members of the opposite team down from the rickshaw!

Each time the contestants reach a new city, a buzzer rings as an indication and  then everyone rushes to the activity area to perform a sub-task. In case the team currently riding the rickshaw won the sub-task, they would have all their members on board.

This Khoon Pasina task will take a lot of effort from the housemates. Who will prove their strength? Say tuned to Bigg Boss.

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