Bigg Boss 9, Day 27: What? Salman Khan says he was disappointed with the housemates!
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Weekend is here and Salman Khan is back again to add a little ‘tadka’ to your weekends. What makes Salman Khan popular as a host on Bigg Boss is the fact that he knows how to make everyone in the house own up to their mistakes. Today, once again he put the inmates in a spot my questioning them as to why they did not voice their opinions when they saw something going wrong or when someone was being wronged by someone else in the house. The hotel task which saw the ugly side of everyone in the house was the central topic of discussion with both sides questioned by Salman Khan for the way they acted insensitive and inconsiderate towards one another. I was so glad to see how guilty Salman made each of the contestants feel and how in spite of their incessant excuses, he paid no heed to their silliness. Well, done! You should have seen how everyone tried to put a goody two shoed face in front of Salman. Arghhh…

The two main issues that were raised with regards the hotel task was the spitting incident and when Kishwer was asked to act like a dog.  The housemates might have thought it very funny while doing the task, but it did not go down too well with Salman, and he gave it back to each and every one of the contestants for their childish behaviour.

Suyyash being Kishwer’s boyfriend was asked as to why he did not raise his voice when he saw his girlfriend was made to act like a dog and Digangana for not raising her voice when she saw the other housemates spit into Rishabh’s drink. It is easy to be a spectator and not take blame for others’ action but when something can be done, than acting ignorant is even worse. Salman certainly knows how to play fair and square and I hope that the contestants learnt a thing or two from him today.

I am sure you are dying to know what all happened in the house. To find out how Salman helped to put the housemates back on track, don’t forget to watch tonight’s episode at 9 PM.  

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