Bigg Boss 9, Day 26: Cupid has struck again in the Bigg Boss house!
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For the past 8 seasons we have seen love blossom in the Bigg Boss house.  In spite of all the cribbing, catfights and drama, love has always somehow managed to make a place for itself in the center stage. And guess who cupid struck this time around?

Well! Like all love stories this too began on a hate note. At the beginning, all the housemates including Yuvika despised Prince because of his pompous attitude. But as time passed, and once the inmates got to know him a little better, the opinion regarding Prince changed all together, and people were later seen talking about how they should have chosen Prince as their jodi instead of their current partners. Ha..Ha ..Der hi sahi  par sab ko akhir main malum chal hi gaya ki Prince main kuch toh jaadu hain…

The first one to be struck by his jaadu was Yuvika. I saw some flirting happening in the house between the two. My… my… love is in the air 😉 Finally, I got to see a new couple in the house. It just didn't end with flirting, I even saw Prince making a heart-shaped parantha for his lady love. Aww… Yuvika would be a fool not to fall for Prince after this because I certainly did.  

There has not once but many times, I have seen the two passing lovey-dovey comments at each other. And that wasn't all ! I was not surprised to see how few of the housemates who knew about this like Kishwer, Suyyash, Rimi and Digangana left no stone unturned to bring them closer. While some love stories are very much alive even today, some ended almost immediately after the Bigg Boss season concluded. Lets see how long will this jodi last to see love bloom in the Bigg Boss house. Don’t forget to watch tonight’s episode at 10:30 PM.

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