Bigg Boss 9, Day 22: Okay! So, Prince is on Rishabh’s hit list!
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The mind games have just begun! And the first one to walk the line was Prince. Ever since Prince’s family pointed out on how he wasn’t being himself in the game and that he had to put his best foot forward, Prince is on high alert. Only last week, Prince was seen having a fight with Kishwer and Suyyash and not once did his bow down from the challenge.

 But now that there is another player in town, Prince has got to tweak his game a little or change it all together to stay atop. Rishabh seems to be getting pretty friendly with the housemates and in the last 24 hours, I have seen him spend a lot of quality time with each one of them. I have started to get a little worried about our Prince. Looks like there is another ‘badshah’ in town and certainly a little smart. Rishabh has a way with words and seeing how he has been with everyone, I bet the house is going to feel a little unbalanced in the next few days.

I even saw him chatting up with Prince. He pointed out on how he needs to change the way he sees other people in the house. Looks like the real game has now begun and with Rishabh’s entry into the house, all is not going to be well for too long.

If you want to know how Rishabh tried to play mind games with Prince, don’t forget to watch Bigg Boss tonight at 10:30PM.

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