Bigg Boss 9, Day 18: Pull, Release and Hit! Is this a punishment for poor luxury task performance?!
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  • October 29, 2015
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Hey guys, your very own Khabri is back and I have some news for you. You all know that the contestants didn't fare well in the last friends wall task and the luxury budget next to nothing. So, Bigg Boss gave the contestants another chance tonight, but this luxury budget task will be the toughest till date. How?

The contestants will gather in the activity area where a cradle with a sleeping baby will be placed. The contestants will perform a few tasks chosen by them individually without making any noise otherwise the baby will wake up and they will lose the task. While one contestant will perform the task, others will sit quietly on the chairs in the room.

All the tasks are going to hurt the contestants, but in the first challenge itself everyone will understand that this is no usual task and their patience and strength was going to be tested. The first task involved a contestant to wear a party hat and the others will come up to her, pull the elastic band of the hat and release it such a way that it hits the chin of the contestant.

Mandana takes up this task bravely and the captain would line up to pull the elastic band and hit her. Will Prince hit her hard on purpose? Or will it be lenient on her? Will Mandana keep quiet and win 250 points for the house? Find out everything tonight on Bigg Boss 9!

Bigg Boss Khabri!

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