Bigg Boss 9, Day 16: What? Prince is the new member of Kishwer hate club!
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  • October 27, 2015
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Bigg Boss's house has turned into a wrestling ring in this week . Everyone has become so imaptient and irritated with each other's gestures. Some of the snippets you must have observed if you are daily viewer of this show. You would all know the popular trio of PRINCE-KISHWER-SUYYASH, who have been subsequently fighting over petty issues in the house with almost everyone falling under their wrath.

But since there was a major change in the attitude of Prince after listening to her sister's advice through Gyaani Babaji, he was seen rather perplexed with the feedback. He was not voicing his opinion enough and the ardent audience of Bigg Boss was eager to see the enthusiastic,charming and entertaining Prince they all had know. And it finally happened! 

Kishwer the ever hyper woman in the house was creating a commotion over everything, when it comes to Suyyash -the love of her life. Prince happened to have a debate with Kishwer and you wouldn't have though that it made him the new member of the Kishwer's hate club. Prince was so disheartened after the incident that later in the day, he was found having a talk with Rochelle and Keith about it.

 If you are as snoopy and intrusive as I am, don't miss the episode of BiggBoss where there is going to be wrestling battle between the contestants. Till then miss me and my khabri gossips.

Bigg Boss Khabri!

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